The 7 Second Challenge App Reviews

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Really fun app! Totally worth the price!


Im an english as a second language teacher and this game has been helping me prepare my classes! Now theyre very funny and interactive! Thank you developers! Love ya! ❤️❤️

So funny!!!

Im addicted, I cant stop playing this game. Congrats Dan and Phil for this app its awesome!!!

omfg yes

dan and phil are the best this is gonna be awesome! <3

Love it

im v proud of phil (and dan) and its amazing and perfect


Phandom rules k bye


Dan and Phil did an amazing job ... AGAIN and im so proud, the idea is just amazing and i dont even care about the fact that it cost something because they put so much effort in creating so much things for us so thank you Dan and Phil for keep coming up with new ideas. Im gonna go play this app now even if its 1 am, but honestly, to everyone : Buy this app ! ITS AMAZING AND THE MUSIC IS REALLY COOL :D


Loving the app!! So much fun. Phil always comes up with the best challenges


... Which is definitely on fire! Its a really really cool game with great music! So much fun to play!


Dan and Phil did an wonderful job on that App, its so fun to play!!! I cant wait to play multiplayer and I just want to say its way worth the money✨


Okay so the app is super super cool and I love it also now no one can really steal Phils idea again


Its a really really REALLY great idea and i am incredibly happy about that, thank you dan, thank you inventor phil!


I love this app it makes so much fun and also looks v good and is so well made, not only because I like Dan&Phil, my friend isnt a fan and she bought it too

Amazing app

Phils creation as an app turned out really great! the price is okay and the app is so much fun


This is so much fun and 100% worth the money. Absolutely loving it


I love this app so much! Its a lot I of fun! Well done, Dan and Phil! I hope theyll come to Germany with the TABINOF Tour; they are amazing!

Love it ❤️Laughed so so much

Best Game eveeeerrrrrr❤️❤️❤️

Amazing ^__^

Well done MindCandy and of course Dan and Phil! You put The 7 Second Challenge into a great and funny game and Id recommend it to anyone ^_^

So much fun!

This app is so much fun! Its also a true blessing for when you are at a boring party and youre searching for a funny game to play! The best part is the fact that it captures the challenges in little videos to laugh at with your friends later! 11/10! :)

Literally the best thing ever

Honestly this is the best app I have on my phone 10/10 would buy again

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