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There is no escape

I love watching the Youtuber power duo play this game, and now that I can also play it, Im so happy, at least I thought when first bought this app. Lately all I do is 7SCs , I literally wake up, and 7SC all day long. Update: I have now had the app for a week, this app is consuming my soul. Update: One month since I downloaded this game and Im singing along to the music because that is all that I know. Plz help m8.


This is so amazing(Phil)

*insert an happy meme*

so doggy so much talent wow challengy yeah


Ive been watching Dan and Phil ever since 2010 and I am just so proud of them overall. The app is amazing and its really fun to play at parties or just hanging out with your friends. I am honestly so proud of my lil beans. 10/10 recommend :,)

Loved it!!!

Tysm Dan and Phil! I am so addicted to this app

10/10 would recommend

I play this game by myself because I have no friends... I love it.

Phan-tastic game!

Ahhhhh, this is the most wonder-phil game, Ive ever played. I love Dan and Phils videos, and I just knew, that itd be amazing. Theyve taught meh to troye hard on my dreams, that Normalness leads to sadness, and theyve helped me with my depression. Hope you [anyone contemplating between getting it or not] enjoy this game, mortals. xoxo-jess


Wonderful I love this game thanks Dan and Phil I LOVE YOU


I cant hear the video once I go to play it back fix pleaseeee

Its the bestest app evwer

Im so proud of my Dan and Phil !!! B bbcjcmfjgg!!! B

Best app ever!!

I love doing the 7sc app at parties! My kids and I love playing all together!!


My son and daughter absolutely love this game! We play it every family game night, my daughter is a REALLY big fan of these two guys that created this app! Thanks Dan and Phil!

Best game

Srs m855292 its best game. Buy it.

Really Fun Game

Thank you Dan (danisnotonfire) & Phil (AmazingPhil) for making this game. This game is really fun to play when you have your friends over . Because you can play as a party. Also its just entertaining to watch people play this cause the questions are always really fun.


I thought that i was going to waste my money but it is a really fun game to play with your friends when you are really bored. DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

I love it!

Ive been a Dan and Phil fan for a while, so I was really excited for the app. I play it all the time and its a hit with any age group. I have one request: could you consider making a separate section of challenges for kids? I play with children at my job and I feel like some of these challenges are a bit too complex for them.


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This game is amazing.


Amazing! One of my favorite apps!!

This amazing app is on fire! (pun intended)

This lovely game was created by lovely individuals and the main creator is an adorable and creative human being-thanks Phil!

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